Website Development

Our team at Happs love creating bespoke websites for our private and large scale clients. Our team of UX and UI designers ensure best practice and are customer focused ready to ensure a minimal and enjoyable user experience for both the front end and back end users.


Website Development

We love building compelling and brand-tailored websites and ecommerce stores for our clients. We research your customer profiles and monitor competitor analysis to ensure a best-in-class user journey surpasses expectation.


We can be...



We currently love specialising in Shopify -Hybris - Magento - Squarespace - Tilda - Wordpress - Instapage - Format

Our service provides you with a best-in-class web or ecommerce store presence which will be tailored to impress your the most savvy online customer, whilst ensuring you hold the ability to login and manage all updates, assets and changes from your office or home, with ease!


Or we can be...



We also love specialising in Bootstrap Studio - Framer - Strikingly - Launchrock - Shopify -Hybris - Magento - Squarespace - Tilda - Wordpress - Instapage

Alternatively, if you would rather a more hands-on approach to your digital business we have a supercharged digital team who are happy to work with you through special feature builds, add ons, general maintainence, image assets, updates, content editing, SEO, SEM to ensure we are there for your business every step of the way.

Ultimately we want to see your business grow and help you and your team gain control of this growth, so if you would rather a combination of both, we can cater to that and provide further tutorials to help you become more self sufficient, digital gurus!

See below a cross section of business websites we have created in the past -